Five Fantastic Ways To Reuse Your Tech Energi Can

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When designing the packaging for our Tech Energi range of mobile accessories we wanted something that would stand out, and also had minimal effect on the environment – something that was reusable and recyclable. The Tech Energi cans were born… 

Whether you keep your Tech Energi cable by your bed, in your car or at the office, once you’ve found a home for it, your can is free to be reused for a variety of useful things. Here are our top 5 suggestions for how you can reuse your Tech Energi Can.

1. Keep your desk tidy

Add some personality to your desk at work or home by using your can as a handy pen holder. It’s the perfect shape and size to keep pens, highlighters and other office accessories organised, without taking up too much space. We all know how annoying it is when you can’t find a pen, so having a specific place to store them should reduce the chance of this happening.

2. Save some money

Spare change is heavy and takes up a lot of room in your wallet or purse. Keep your Tech Energi can as a place to easily store any spare change in.

Once the can is full take the change to the bank – you’ll be amazed how quickly it can add up!

3. Organize your bags

Keep the small things in your bag safe and organised by storing them neatly in your can. Keys, lip balm, money and headphones are just some of the things that so easily get lost in a bag. It’s handy to know you can grab your can and everything you need is safely stored inside.

4. Add some greenery

Our cans are the perfect shape and size to use as a plant pot. Plants are said to reduce stress, so bringing the outdoors inside should create a feeling of well-being. All you need to do is fill your can with soil and then choose a plant that will fit nicely into it.
Top Tip: Cacti and succulents take a lot less work to keep them alive so are great for anyone with a busy lifestyle. They will also fit perfectly into one of our cable cans!

5. Keep treats in your car

If you spend a lot of time commuting or acting as a taxi driver for your kids, then you’ll know that travel treats are essential.

Our can fit perfectly into your drinks holder making it the ideal place to store mints, nuts or other tasty treats to snack on during journeys.

How do you reuse your Tech Energi can? Let us know by tagging us on social media, and we might feature you in the future!  

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