We're currently looking for Tech Energi influencers! 

We work with our influencers using the UpPromote platform. This ensures transparent and on-demand live tracking of referrals, sales, and payouts for both us and our influencers.

Whether your content is tech-related or not, if you're interested in promoting Tech Energi through your platforms/channels, click the link below and fill out the form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Alternatively, you can contact us at if you have further questions.


Here are some people we have worked with. Be sure to check them out, as each of them posts outstanding content and are well-worth a follow!

  • @appletechgadgets - 110k+ Followers
  • @uk.technology1 - 50k+ Followers
  • @notablesetups - 50k+ Followers
  • @tronix_revolution - 40k+ Followers
  • @iglance_tech - 9k+ Followers
  • @whatgadgetuk - 500+ Followers

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