The Ultimate Guide To The New Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)

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Apple has recently released AirPods (3rd Generation) to the masses. In case you’re thinking of getting a pair for yourself, or simply window shopping this blog is the perfect place to learn about all it has to offer.

AirPods first started in late 2016, and it created a trend of wireless earphones, and since then there have been 2 versions released, one in 2019 and the other recently in 2021.

The battery life in the first version allowed 5 hours of listening time on each charge, the second version of AirPods then had 4.5 hours of battery life and now the third version of AirPods has an extended 6 hours of battery life per charge. This means you stay connected for an hour longer, and rarely do you have to be disconnected from your music.

The product also comes with wireless charging with MagSafe. Along with 6 hours of battery life is there is also 4 hours of talk time. In just 5 minutes of charging, you’ll be able to receive an hour of time to listen or talk.

The product also comes with a Lightning to USB-C Cable, which is a great par with our Mains Charger since Apple stopped giving chargers with their products in 2020. If your cable breaks, or begins to slow down, you can find a great replacement with our USB-A to Lightning cables.

If you are at the gym or outside while it rains there’s no need to worry, as the AirPods are waterproof, and will not be affected by any of this. Not only are the AirPods waterproof, so is the case.

The product automatically tunes any music you listen to, to your ear. This allows you to have the most optimal sound experience, while listening to someone, or listening to music, it will be crystal clear audio.

It is suspected that Apple will not release another AirPod for two years, meaning these will be up to date for a large amount of time.

Tech Energi are trusted manufacturers, having Qi-Certified Mains Chargers. Products marked as Qi-Certified have passed testing for safety and reliability.

Every Qi-Certified product is easy to use and set up, without being a hazard or interfering with other electronics.  A product without the Qi-Certified logo is not approved.

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