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Top 10 Best Tech YouTuber’s

YouTube is a widely diverse community with individuals from all around the world sharing a passion for distinctive niches. Among all the niches, technology accounts for being a large community within the realm, with it serving as a platform for sharing the passion they have with technology. Here are the top 10 best tech YouTuber’s who are celebrating technology like no other.

  1. Marques Brownlee:

Offering as many as 8.9 million subscribers, the popular tech YouTuber has landed atop as one of the top influencers on the list. He runs his channel, MKBHD, which features Google, Apple, and Samsung products along with varied equipment reviews. With being regarded as the 'best technology reviewer on the plant, the popular YouTuber is winning the hearts of millions.

  1. Lewis Hilsenteger:

Heading the popular technology channel, Lewis Hilsenteger is regarded as one of the most successful tech stars. With over 14 million subscribers, the channel features interesting, witty reviews and gadgets.

  1. UrAvg Consumer:

Judner Aura, the owner of the channel, is a self-proclaimed tech lover reviewing smartphones, cameras, laptops, gaming, and more. With starting the journey in 2012, Jadner has grown the channel. With his 'common guy' approach, he takes a dedicated take on gadgets.

  1. LinusTechTips:

The Canadian Tech-YouTuber is the proud owner of four distinct YouTube channels. With a combined subscriber base of more than 15 million users, LinusTechTips was born when Linus was working at a Canadian online computer store where he was asked to form a YouTube channel to review the store products.

  1. DigitalRevTV:

Founded by the popular producer Richard Yu and is co-produced and presented by Kai Man, the tech YouTuber is popular for its photography show. The videos on the channel feature camera challenges, product reviews, along photography tips with a team of 1.9 million subscribers.

  1. Techsource:

The talented tech influencer Edgar Oganesyan hosts a channel with a large base of 2.1 million subscribers. The channel has managed to earn the leading spot as the top influencers on the list.

  1. Unbox therapy:

It offers you the pleasure of opening the newest tech gadgets without needing to buy them. A channel started by Lewis George Hilsenteger and Jack McCann (videographer), the channel boasts a strong presence of over 16 million subscribers.

  1. Austin Evans:

The YouTuber is popular for reviewing everything, from smartphones to PCs. Since 2009, Austin has been on the list of the most recognized tech YouTubers with a breakthrough video of the comparison between Samsung Galaxy 3 and iPhone 5.

  1. Linus Sebastian:

With over 8.6 million subscribers, Linus Sebastian features eminent entertaining videos in the field. With unique titled videos, the YouTuber has his audience entertained.

  1. Jon Rettinger:

The founder of the popular channel TechnoBuffalo, Jon Rettinger, is an ideal forum of electronic things. Some of the common videos include game console comparisons, product reviews, unboxings, and more.


These ten best tech YouTubers; are widely acclaimed for their videos and the information they share online. With over a strong subscriber base, they have been leading the audience on the right track.

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