What Mobile Awards 2021: Vote For Tech Energi® Now!

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What Mobile Awards is an event hosted each year by What Mobile. They bring together some of the biggest and best names for mobile phones and accessories manufacturing. We have been selected as one of the “Best Accessory Manufacturer” finalists for the 4th time in a row.

You can read to find out why you should vote for us, how you vote and the prizes you can win.

Why should I vote for Tech Energi?

We have quality like nothing else on the market. It is premium and powerful, so you can always be connected to your mobile devices. All Tech Energi products come with a Lifetime Warranty, a built-in LED, and a recyclable and reusable sleek metal can. The design is great and stands out, without being problematic for the environment. It can be turned into another product, rather than be wasteful plastic that is thrown away.

How do I vote?

All you need to do is click here, it’s free and takes two minutes to complete. You need to click the options that you would like to vote for, and eventually you will see us in “Best Accessory Manufacturer”. Once completed you will be asked to type in your email and phone number, it’s that simple! You will be notified on a later date if you win.

What can I win?

I’m sure you’re interested in hearing how you can benefit from taking part in voting, you can earn many different prizes from this. It is a great opportunity to speak your voice on technology / accessories this year and be rewarded at the same time. Vote now to potentially win yourself an iPhone 13, an iPhone 12, OnePlus 6T, Alcatel 1S 2021.

We have also teamed up with What Mobile and have offered a various selection of our products for them to give away. Such as, Super Fast Cables that are 20% faster than standard cables, Super Fast Mains Chargers that provide super-fast charging up to 15 Watts and Super Fast Power Banks that take your smartphone from 0-50% in 30 minutes.

Vote Here

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