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Why Is Qualcomm® QC (Quick Charge) Essential For Android Users?

QC (Quick Charge)

QC (Quick Charge) promotes quick and fast charging for your mobile device. Therefore, it serves as an easy charging solution for your selected mobile devices. It remarkably speeds up your charging speed up to 0.50 % within 5 minutes. However, you need to choose your compatible devices to activate the QC (Quick Charge). Therefore, it promotes more power for your connective gadget, followed by fast charging speed as we all are aware that QC (Quick Charge) is in high demand and the most trending feature for your smartphones. 

QC Supported or Compatible Device

If you are using QC for your selected device, you must first know that this feature works for your backward model or range. In other words, QC uniquely supports the model that came before based on the current generation. Therefore, it works efficiently for backward models remarkably. This is, however, works for only QC 3.0 compatible devices. On the other hand, QC with 4+ promotes support for a wide range of devices in the market. Therefore, while choosing the QC (Quick Charge), make sure you choose the correct version of the QC for your compatible devices.

Feature of QC (Quick Charge) 2

  • It comes with a maximum power of 36 W.
  • It promotes 75% high-speed charging compared to traditional chargers.
  • It works with a current range of 2A or 3A.

Feature of QC (Quick Charge) 3.0

  • It promotes charging speed more than four times faster
  • 0% to 50% approx charging time
  • It comprises of 1.5C charging rate
  • It has a 2750 mAh charging battery
  • It consists of a thermal limit of 40C
  • It can charge up to 50% in less than 30 minutes
  • It promotes high-speed compared to the 1.0 QC version

Feature of QC (Quick Charge) 4.0

  • It comes with a maximum power of 100 W.
  • It works with a current range of 3A or 5A.
  • It can charge up to 50% in less than 15 minutes.

 Feature of QC (Quick Charge) 4+

  • It comes with a maximum power of 100 W.
  • It works with a current range of 3A or 5A.
  • It can charge up to 50% in less than 15 minutes.

 QC for the New Samsung and Huawei Range

Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0 supports the new Samsung range device. These two versions of Quick Charge support both smartphones and tablets. For example, QC 2.0 supports Samsung Galaxy, S9, and Edge series. Therefore, Quick Charge 2.0 is highly efficient and proficient for Samsung's wide range of series. 

On the other hand, QC (Quick Charge) supports a wide range of Huawei range. They are mostly compatible and support Android devices in a hassle-free way. However, it has been seen QC for Huawei range can charge up to 45% in less time, whereas it takes 13% in the traditional charger. Therefore, QC (Quick Charge) is highly essential and necessary for all users to utilize to charge their phone quickly in less time.

Tech Energi® Power Bank for QC and PD

Tech Energi® provides power banks that widely support QC and PD. They have a wide range of Quick Charge based on different models to support your selected devices. The power bank models support both QC and PD features based on the charging speed. It also comprises an anti-tangle cable with a lifetime warranty. Therefore, with Tech Energi®, you get a wide range of variety in choosing the right model of power bank for your devices.

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