Xbox Series X - All You Need to Know!

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The all-new Xbox Series by Microsoft is officially here. The next-gen gaming console is known to feature advanced specifications and improved hardware. As such, it serves to be one of the most powerful gaming consoles that has been released by the company ever. In this post, we will help you get an understanding of the best specifications of the all-new Xbox Series X to enhance your overall gaming experience.

What is the Xbox Series X?

The Xbox Series X is the flagship gaming console system by Microsoft. It is known to feature advanced gaming technology for delivering peak performance as the gaming console surpasses its competition. Due to its less impressive launch library format, the gaming console might struggle slightly.

However, the good part is that everyone gets to access the top-quality older titles. Moreover, the gaming console is also known to provide access to the amazing gaming subscription service by Microsoft. At the same time, the leading tech giant is also going to release a myriad of next-gen titles across 2021.

The Xbox Series X serves to be an impressive upgrade in comparison to the predecessors. At the same time, it is known to be available at the same beginning price as that of the Xbox One X series that was launched way back in the year 2017. The latest series of Xbox Series X is known to sport the powerful backward compatibility support while acing in the field of Xbox Game Pass. On an overall basis, it is renowned for offering access to great value for money and an impressive balance of power.

Xbox Series X Specifications

The Xbox Series X is a major step when it comes to the specification upgrades of the older range of the Xbox One family. It is known to be around 4 times powerful in comparison to the predecessor models. As per the experts, the all-new series is known to sport the revolutionary Zen 2 CPU by AMD along with 16 GB RAM and the customized range of 12 Teraflop Navi-based GPU by AMD. The latest range of Xbox Series X is also famous for sporting the customized 11 TB SSD NVMe along with the impressive reading speed of around 2 GB per second.

Xbox Series X Controller

The all-new controller in the gaming console is quite familiar and easy to use. The new controllers are highly ergonomic in the overall design in comparison to the previous models. The button layout of the controller remains almost identical to the previous models. The major change in the given device is that the controller’s D-pad is replaced with an attractive design from the premium range of Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 controller.

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